An Interview With...


Ben Grove

By Friendly Pete

Sat in a pub (in Sheffield) called 'The Banner', lots of noise, too many students.. Dill, Grove and me, after I'd whopped Grove twice and Dill once at pool...

Friendly Pete:  Right then.

Grove:  Reet shag!

FP:  How old are you?

G:  Nineteen.

FP:  How many years you been skating?

G:  Ohhh, err... bout 6 or 7

FP:  Cool, so you enjoying where you're at with skateboarding right now, I mean, you're pretty big at the

G:  Yeah, its good man, I mean, I really enjoy it.. Dunno what to say really.  (Laughing)

FP:  What were you up to a couple of weeks ago? when you were in America?

G:  Oh, it was sick man, out there with Will (silent) and little Mike (Wright).. Mike was just bitchin' all the
       time about this bastard TV show that he had to do, tryin' to get Will to get him out of it.

FP:  Sick, what program was it?

G:  Dunno man, some American version of RAD or summat bone like that.

FP:  (Laughter) Bet he was lovin' that!

G:  Yeah, but apart from that it was sick man... we were stayin' in this hotel where they'd drained the pool
      for us to skate!! it was well good... this old bloke, must have been in his 60's, gave me this hat (points
      to his trilby), cos he enjoyed watchin' me skate or somethin'.

FP:  Nah, he was just lookin' for ass...

G:  (More laughter) Fuck off!

Dill:  (Putting on an old blokes voice) "oh, come here lad, sit on me lap, I've got a present for ye!" (laughs)

G:  Hahaha, yeah, it was pretty rad man.

FP:  So, what you lookin' to do in't future then?

G:  Dunno, I wanna skate for as long as possible, I might be movin' to Manchester soon, I'm not sure
      though.... I mean, I love livin' here, the parties, the skate spots, the people are well cool...

(Dill and Pete cough, suggestively)

G:  (Laughing) Apart from you bastards!

FP:  Sick. well then, errr... not sure how to end this, anyone you wanna thank?

G:  Can't be arsed, (laughs) nah, the people who deserve to be thanked know that they are appreciated.