Back Break Mod

- Mega

When the pics started to appear in the us bmx mags of the sun ringlet 2into 1 thingy, I wanted one.

Several years on and they are still not over here but luckily a very clever bloke named Bob Holton came up with this that I have on my bike today.

You will need:


Take the seat clamp and accurately drill a hole in the centre of the middle of the clamp,

Either tap it to a 10mm thread or drill the inside so it will accept the adjuster nut. (I use a drill with the end ground flat as the clearance is too tight and the nut can sit flush.)

Fit the adjusters.

Fit the clamp to the frame and fit the cables.


Pros and cons




To set these up.

The easiest way is too start at the brake calliper and move forward.

Make sure you have the gyro plate sitting flush on the baseplate. Have the adjusters wound all the way out, pull the cables taught with NO spring tension, tighten, wind adjusters in. Connect the top cables, now pull the brake and turn the bars and check for flop, if there is any, lift the cables to tension them by the calliper to check which one needs a tweak, use the adjusters to tweak.

When the flop is eliminated, tighten the springs gently as required, recheck for flop, adjust springs as necessary.


Now you should have lush brakes.