Bay66 Jam

In addition to the usual Playstation lot (bay66 is the new name for Playstation) were James Hitchcox, Clint miller & a few more Aussies, Stuart King & a load of the union lot. also there was this young lad I saw at backyard. he looks about 10, but I hear he's 16. really smooth rider, massive t/downs an all that. it seemed like Hitchcox was in charge of the whole thing, giving away a ton of Odyssey products to the deserving.

Before going to the jam, Felix and I were riding at an undisclosed indoor park in central London. I didn't ride at bay66, I just filmed. and by fuck, did i get a shed load of good footage!!!

the new bank/flat/bank/flat/quarter/ledge thingy that's replaced the bowled quarter was getting a lot of nibbles. Sam (from South London) was doing some mad 540 tap to pedal stall to 270 out.

Felix kept up the flip & whip quota, but he backed out of doing them together. his turndown flips were huge like. some nice inverts too.
Paul, a Leyton local, did a fucking massive Ruben style wallride. hopping back off the vert wall into the three foot wide quarter that sits in the middle of the vert wall.

Nick Garyfallos and Stuart King were almost hitting the underneath of the westway on the midi. Barry and Hitchcox were feeling the vert. some prick of a skater let his board go onto the flat of the vert as James was getting busy. just to make vert a wee bit more dangerous y'know?

Some young kid dropped into the midi for the first time, he was shitting it, but made it smooth for a tire from James. the kid was in tears of joy!

the new park layout features a lot more unique ramps, it's now no longer a generic skatepark. more weird street type stuff than anything else.

it's good, if you get the chance, check it out.

 - Paul Lumsden