5 May 2013

Goodbye Spine...
Tthe spine ramp has currently been dismantled by the council. More details of the future of this to follow...


10 August 2011

London based skaters wanted for ESPN filming
BDA Creative are looking for a skater who supports either Everton, Wigan or Stoke football clubs to become the new face of their club in the idents shown before & after every Premiership game on the ESPN channel! All age groups can apply, but in particular we're looking for fans with interesting jobs/hobbies outside of football – hence skateboarding! The only criteria is to be available to film in London next week, before August 19th. To view last years idents, please see this linkhere.

We'd love to hear from you if you / anyone you know might be interested. Please contact Zoe A'Court either by phone on 0203 206 7661 or by email if you would like to take part.



8-10 July 2011

The Relentless Nass Sports and Music Festival 2011
The Relentless NASS festival was this weekend, a great weekendout for those who managed to get tickets. A full round up of the weekend can be found here NASS Roundup 2011.


10 December 2009

The Gadget Show Comes To Harrow
Channel Five's The Gadget Show has chosen the park to be the location for their filming of a piece on cameras. Har Mar Superstar (google him, I dare ya) will be shoting a video at the park starring our very own Horsey TOMORROW (11/12/09). Should be an interesting day, lets hope the weather holds up!

Details of how it went and maybe some pictures to follow...


November 2007

The Council are currently planning to build a brand new leisure centre. According to the planners, the only way to do this is to destroy one of the oldest, and most glorious skateparks left in the UK.
Harrow Skatepark was the starting point for many a carreer, as well as being a wonderful place to learn to ride and skate. It is one of the only original 1970s concrete skateparks left, and to destroy such an important piece of our heritage would be a travesty. I only hope they come to their senses and find a plan which could leave the park intact.
Over the years the park has seen riders from all over the world come to experience it's curves, and nobody except the council want to see it go. This is not about building a new, 'better' park 'designed by the young people who use it', but saving a piece of Harrow's history.

Show your support people...


21 May 2006

26-29 May - The Long Weekend @ The Tate Modern
For one weekend, the Tate Modern shall be hosting a FREE skatepark, along with a fantastic line up of events, all of which will cost you nothing.
These include something they are calling 'digital graffiti workshops', skate demos and a 'surrealist street photography project', all sounds like fun? Then head on over to for all the information you could ever need!


Sometime in September...

My computer has finally given up the ghost. The site will be undergoing a full and proper update as soon as I get a new one. Sorry guys. For any information in the mean time, e-mail me loki[at[ .

14th July

...HARROW JAM 2005:
Finally there is another fun day at the park! Get ready for a day full of politically correct fun. Bring your own BBQ and Booze and go have a good time. Prizes will be given for best trick, so get your arse down there!
I will be trying to make it back down to London for it, all depending on trains. So look out for me!


30th June

...inside news
For those of you who may be interested, Ben Grove has decided to leave Blueprint in favour of Unabomber.
In other news, according to a rather unreliable source, Joe Cox, Marvin and Benson have come out of the closet and are telling the world about their secret love affair.


28th May

...coming up:
ROLL INTO ACTION - NASS IS BACK (Bath & West Showground - Somerset - 8-10 July)

- The Ultimate Urban Sports Festival Returns -

Returning to its spiritual home at the Bath & West Showground with an outrageous line-up of events, athletes and musical talent, NASS ’05 is set to be the biggest Urban Sporting Festival on this year’s European calendar.

Kicking off 8th July, NASS ’05 will witness an unparalleled mix of global superstars in action: from Vert legends to Moto-X heroes, lyrical masters to turntable wizards. For the eighth year running forty five thousand x-sports junkies will gear up for three days of non-stop urban street culture.

Leading attraction ‘Kings’ of Vert is back; officially the biggest Vert comp this side of the Atlantic, with Mat Hoffman the US legend leading the global line up of skate BMX and in-line talent made up of the UK’s best of the best Ali Cairns and Pete King while the Japanese Yasutoko brothers will take time to drop in and show off their box of magic tricks.
The Vauxhall VX 'Skate City' obstacle is set to be one of the highlights at the National Adventure Sport Show with its striking city skyline inspired design.

The 3,000 seat grandstand is set to shake when the world’s finest Moto-X daredevils take to the sky for the International freestyle Moto-X on the Saturday night.

Metal Hammer Live Stage; This year’s line is the best yet with awesome punk band Sick of it All and the Welsh nutters Dirty Sanchez introducing the great acts, which are set to include A. (And not forgetting the Undercover Stage; Featuring the kings of hip-hop the Sugar Hill Gang and newcomers punk-rock-skate band Silibil N Brains (no, I haven't heard of them either).

With over twenty sports and music arenas, you can watch in amazement as the stars of Skate, BMX, In-line and Moto-X, perform awe inspiring-aerial feats, or get your own pulse racing by ‘dropping’ from a 140ft ‘Skad’ jump with 4 g’s of force!

Female athletes are paving their way into the extreme sports history books, as NASS will be featuring an exclusive girls skateboard competition, courtesy of etnies girl, with a great cash and product prize for the winner.

MTB Trials - Team MAD are back with a vengeance, their 5th year of back-breaking ‘Mountain Arial Displays’

If you get a chance to catch your breath then head for the famous ‘NASS EXPO’ where hundreds of big name clothing, footwear & equipment brands await you - if you still have the energy, you can shop in one of 200 stalls.

Ticket Information

General Ticket Hotline 0870 1200723 or 0871 230 5453
Camping/Rush Zone Tickets 0845 1304523
Information Line 0845 1300 670
Group Bookings 0845 1304523
Event Express 08702 407835 (Coach pick-up points nationwide)

Saturday Adult £16.95/Child (6-14) £14.95
Sunday Adult £16.95/Child (5-14) £14.95
Weekend Camping Adult £39.95/Child (5-14) £29.95
Family Day Ticket Admits 2 adults/2 children £49.95
Special Family Day Tickets Admits 2 adults/2 children £129.95
Rush Zone Ticket Includes ‘Adrenalin’ Jump £69.50

Don't forget - It should be a good one! For more information go here


19th April

...and now for something completely different:
This is something I got sent by the people at T4. They wanted me to put an advert up on here or at the park, so I thought I'd slap it up here. Something different to fill a void on the update front...

SOTV are looking for confident, talkative teenagers who have a bedroom in desperate need of a makeover to take part in a new show for T4. We have a crack team of designers, electricians, carpenters and graffiti artists eager to provide a fresh, urban makeover for a lucky individual. All we need is the right teenager…

If you think this could be you, or you would like more information, get in touch.

Telephone: 0207 9602000


17th April

thanks guys
Sorry for the delay in updates, it's been hectic here. Many thanks to those who entered the Bike Show competition, the winners were: Alex Cox, Michael, Greg, Martin, and Bonce. Many thanks to Greg for providing some lovely pictures of the event :) Write up, images, and results here. Hope a good time was had by all, if anyone else has any photos they want to share with the site, or words of any kind, send them in and I'll stick 'em on. Jobie - Your pictures are coming, just taking me a while to find the negatives... bear with me, my room is a black hole when it comes to images.

- - -

3rd March

a competition!
At last! I hear you (not) cry! Well, if anyone is interested, I have a competition to win (up to) 10 tickets to the Bike Show in Coventry this year. All you have gotta do is drop me a line to ideservethetickets[at] giving me a good reason why I should choose you. Oh, and don't forget to send a postal address too so I can send them out...

On another note, I would like to officially say that I am not going to give this site to the Bushey Boys so they can run it. They couldn't run a bath. So no arguing children, I will just not have it. Contribute by all means, and if you all play nice I may even let you lot run the board. Oh, and I have a message from the Illustrious One: "The Bushey boys are ghey".

Oh, by the way, for those interested, there are now two more Keith the Retard comics for your amusement: Keith meets his family and Keith goes to therapy.

- - -

2nd March

sorry for the delay...
My sincerest apologies for the lack of updates since Christmas. I lost all the pages I had been working on when I was attacked by a rather vicious virus which killed my computer. Anyway, as always I am desperate for articles (you know the score, vid reviews, places to ride, stories etc) and photos (please email them to me rather than sending them to me when I'm on MSN, it makes keeping track of them far easier). If you send them to myphotorocks[at] stating where they were taken, who they are of, what the person is doing and who took the picture. This will guarantee them a place on the site.

- - -

2 0 0 4

- - -

13th December

it's been a while...
Well, after what seems like far too long I've finally resolved a few of the issues I've been having with the site. Hopefully all the pages now work, and I promise you, as soon as I can I will be putting the finishing touches on the History page and I will be updating the photo pages as soon as I have a free day or two (or three or four - there is a lot of work to be done there). If anybody has any pictures they would like to see on the site, please send them in! Although I have a few good ones, any new ones of Harrow or the locals would be most appreciated now that I can't get down there nearly as often as I want to. In other news, I have managed to get some more reviews sent to me of late, with more on their way thanks to a nice young man at Ride-Finder who, in return for a little design job is now sending me some wonderful words for the site. If you have a free moment, check his site out, it's only small, located out towards Reading/ Windsor, but worth a look. Anyway, I've got uni work I should be doing. I'll be home for Christmas, so look out for me. Until next time people..

- - -

28th October

a new beginning...
I have finally managed to update the site a bit for you guys. I hope you appreciate the time that went into all this, although I do admit to being just a little bit drunk right now (I fear a drunken redesign may not have been the best of ideas, especially since I have no idea where I'm gonna go from here...).

So, this is how it's going to be from now until I get bored again. What do you think? As far as exciting news goes, I don't have much due to my total lack of inside information at the moment... That and I'm lazy. Oh, and I have uni work to contend with, so all in all, you're lucky you're even getting an update! As for new stuff hot off the press, there is now a little online comic for your enjoyment, which I promise I WILL be updating on a regular basis, although it will mean beating my housemate to do the amazingly shit paint job.. Also, I have somehow managed to find someone who wants to do a little once a week slot on this thing giving you something totally irrelevant, which he has informatively entitled "Profound Thoughts at 10am". Well, we'll just have to see how it goes really. Give me an opinion or two as to what you all think please. Due to a well and truly broken rib, sadly I am out of action for the time being and therefore no new pictures have been taken or will be until I can lift my camera again. I'll keep you posted on what's gonna be going on image-wise. I am still on the hunt for my other decent negatives. Oh, and still hunting for articles, so please write some!

- - -

The Metro (London Edition) - 19 August

Finally! has had its first piece of free publicity! Thanks to the keen observation of a certain young man I was informed of and given a copy (now my pride and joy) of the Metro newspaper (you know, the one you get free on the trains). Thursdays issue had an article on BMX, and low and behold, there it was: right at the top of a list of London parks - Harrow, and with the handy instruction to visit this site for more information! God I'm happy right now.

- - -

Sometime in September..

You can now read a cheesy review of the Urban Games (photos coming soon I promise), and a drunken interview with Ben Grove which is another nice addition to the site - Thanks Pete! Look out for more interviews coming your way soon! As for future updates, the next one will include the new photo page, which I have started working on, so check it out. Sadly it may not be completed for about a month at least, since I'm gonna be moving into my new house pretty soon, and will have to sort out some sort of internet for it first. But don't you worry, it IS coming! May have sorted out a sticker company thanks to an old Harrow skater, but I'm still waiting to hear back from him, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

In other news, and a little bit of inside information, Joe Cox of the NSF is to star in the lineup for the next Props Megatour!

- - -

as always..
I have STILL been investigating merchandise and its costs and how lucrative a scheme it will be, so far stickers are on their way when I find a cheap enough printer, or when you can decide on an amount you would be willing to pay.. I am up for any offers right now, the more you are willing to fork out, the better quality I can give you. Any ideas etc welcome for stuff you would like. E-mail me and tell me what you think!

Still waiting for articles to be sent in, so get your arse in gear and write! I want to raise publicity and general awareness of Harrow, but without your input and articles, this isn't going to happen. C'mon people, give me a break and get writing!! I really need your help since I am living so far away nowadays. Also, if anyone has visited the park for the first time, it would be great to hear your feedback!