The Darkness - Brit Award Gig

Well once again British rock music has sold out due to tacky (very tacky) gimmickry and (un)originality!  with a band that believes itself to be a cross over of queen, def leopard and the village people, it isn't surprising to the average mosher what monstrosity they played out this Tuesday night.

Their set involved the biggest telescopic telescope on this planet, however, just like the band, it was deemed completely useless and disguised a big slice of proverbial pop cheese. Mmm cheese.  This band, as everyone guessed, were gonna go places and they have accurately aimed all their bullshittyness towards the unsuspecting little teeny boppers infatuated with other wankers like (euch) KYLIE, Madonna and dare I say it, Slipknot.

 They are warping the minds of this nations youth, the nation that invented rock, and now the nation that is ruining it. please stop this nonsense; kill a teeny bopper today... 'coz natural selection won't do it.