Etnies Backyard Jam 04

Bournemouth International Centre - 2-4 April

This years Backyard Jam was as predicted another good one, with some brilliant riding on all days.  Matt Beringer apparently did a bike flip on the saturday, and Mark Webb sadly stacked hard and badly injured his ankle.  Current X Games man Garry Young came out top winning the competition, closely followed by Jay Mirren.  The whole competition was excellent, and the course layout was pretty sweet, although it was rearranged througout the weekend so as to enable the audience to actually be able to see what was happening half the time.

This year included riders from Etnies, FBM, Federal, F-IT, Kink, Hoffman, Macneil, Metal, Primo, S&M, Terrible One, Shitluck, Shadow Conspiracy, UGP... ah, I can't be bothered to continue the list.  Many of the Harrow riders were there there, including Ricky Gunner and James Hitchcox.  
More info here  Photos coming soon.. I promise!