Etnies Backyard Jam 04

Bournemouth International Centre - 2-4 April

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backyard jam Bournemouth 04 was the biggest contest of the year and with one of the best Nate Wessal park set ups. You've probably heard by now how badly Mark Webb hurt himself, he was on fire all weekend and this is about how precise as a 720 gets, especially over a mellow set of doubles. Five minutes later his leg was back to front and he was crawling in agony across the floor, following a truck seven gone bad.  Ben Hennon also showed up at backyard and even though he had only been riding for 4 years he was pulling flipwhips from the spine to the doubles landing in the warm up session. When the Pro qualifies started there were so many tricks being pulled: Jay Mirron - backflip tuck no-hander over the pagoda, Dave Osato - tailwhip to nosepick, Matt Beringer and Rooftop doing over/under wallrides and Luke Marchant pulling a Fucking massive 25ft downside tailwhip transverse to the pedals and finished him in 5th place in Pro. Corey Martinez won best trick with a 360 tyre tap to tailwhip nosepick on the spine but did not even qualify for the Pro final.

One of the harrow locals James Hitchcox turned up at backyard jam and doing his usual stuff tailwhips, nose manuals and 540 nosepicks and he landed himself 44th spot in pro qualifies.

- Danny, Sam, Steve, Robbie and Greame