Harrow Reopening Jam - June 22nd 2003


The Harrow Jam was a huge success, people turned out en-mass despite the slightly dodgy weather.
Although it looked like the heavens would open on us, hundreds of people turned up for the official re-opening of the park after the long process of refurbishing it which has taken place over many months.  Although the park has never really been closed between the works, this was the official opening day after the work has been completed, (which was quite obviously more a day when the council handed over control of the park more than the idea of it opening again,) complete with new 'artwork' on the half pipe displaying the 'Solid Surf' name, with which the park was first named back in the late sixties.  Skaters and BMXers alike turned up to put on their best show for a chance to win the prizes on offer, with Death giving prizes for best performance to the skaters, and Odyssey courtesy of James Hitchcox to the BMXers.  The PA system went down a treat, providing good music throughout the day (except for the intervals when it rained, and a hasty rush was need to bring the speakers into the hut until it cleared up a bit).  Many officials attended, and the mayor gave his, if short, speech to the crowd and formally opened the park to the public.  Many thanks go to James Hitchcox and Odyssey, and to Death Skateboards and Down Low for their contributions.  Also to the police for their presence at the event and to the council for their time and effort.
Pictures finally Here now that I have been able to have patience with this goddamn computer.