Harrow Skate Park, a.k.a Solid Surf was built in 1976 to feed the youth of the area with a place for what they loved.   It is one of the few remaining 70's concrete skateparks left in Britain which hasn't simply been run to the ground.  Its pretty much as it was when it was built, except the performance bowl has been filled in for many a year now, despite recent attempts to excavate it which were frowned upon by the council, and ended in many threats regarding the state of the peanut bowl.  Its contents include: Half pipe, Snake Run, 4 Moguls, Blocks, the Bollocks, Peanut and Pool.  Sadly the Miniramp has been burnt to the ground by the Pikies, and the red metal pyramid and quarterpipe have been removed so the street area is pretty darn basic now, containing only the good old concrete flat bank.


Pictures and the original plans coming soon...

for more information on the park, email: info[at]harrowskatepark.co.uk