Lambrini Jam 2004

I had been looking forward to this years Lambrini for about 8 weeks and the night before I set off I could hardly sleep. The ghetto course was situated behind the amazing Works Skatepark instead of at Hyde park this year because there was more room. The course was absolutley amazing and consisted of a vert wall corner bowl, offvert wallride, volcano, subrail/flatbank sub combo, jersey barrier, curverwallride/hip leading into a cornerbowl/hip, a massive jumpbox, the 'hook', a wedge to wedge ramp and a few rails dotted around the course. Myself, Bob rocker, Mitza and dyno arrived at about 10pm Friday night so we just got pissed on cider at my mates house in Hyde park.
We got to the course at around 10am Saturday morning and the course was already full. You had to snake or be snaked if you wanted to take a run-especially at the hips or curved wallride. The level of riding was amazing at Lambrini with most of the NSF being present including Jimmy Newrick and Joe Cox as well as most of Sheffield and of course loads of local rippers. Those who didn't want to ride got pissed and enjoyed the bands (5 bands were playing) and the BBQ. Saturday night started out at the Drydock but most people didnt get in because of the amount of people. We headed down to the 'Cockpit' for a night of rock, metal and retro electro. A good time was had by all and we all got pretty loose!We returned to my mates with a few more people than the previous night including Reece Mcfleece and Steve Bancroft. Sunday was a lazy day in the sun, most people just chilled and looked at the girls on Hyde park, some rode the course and some rode the new concrete park at Hyde park. The weekend was amazing and loads of thanks to Cleggy, Paul, Birch and every one else involved.

Mexican John