Newcastle Skatepark

Last night me and a few friends decided it was about time we checked out Newcastle's skate park, I mean after all it's been open for months now it really would be bad manners not to go check it out... We live about 10 miles away so we piled our vehicles into the car and squeezed in four blokes to operate them then we were off.

First impressions of the park; it was smaller than I'd imagined but they've managed to fit a load of different things in.  It looks rather good, not too busy either: around 10 bikes and 15 skaters I'd say..... All the locals were friendly and unassuming, there was a mix of beginners and some pretty skilled dudes out here having fun.  We joined in, and proceeded to crash, jump, chat and 4 hours later a marvellous time had been had by all. If you haven't been, or like us used to ride or skate years ago and fancied a trip down memory lane together with a few skinned knees...go check it out, you won't be disappointed.

 "it's fuckin' great"

- Chris Mason