Primo Pedals

Primo pedals are really popular and they have a really nice and comfortable shape. I think that they are one of the most comfortable pedals out there and the size and concave shape is perfect. If they could only do something about those non-threaded replaceable pins...

..Pins like that [push-in pins] are the worst idea ever. You pretty much just have to think about doing tricks on the pedals for the them to fall out, and when you've lost a few, don't bother replacing them, because they'll just fall out again.

Apart from that, the body holds up to grinds pretty well. Obviously the magnesium version isn't as durable as the aluminium version [Ed: but it is a lot lighter, for all you weight-obsessives out there].

I'd like to see Primo do something about the pin design. My suggestion would be to use threaded pins, like most of the other brands out there.