Hoffman jump bars

After purchasing my felt ethic bike, the first thing I upgraded was the bars. The “cocktail” bars that the ethic came with were pretty much crap, they looked and felt horrible in everyway possible.  I browsed internet sites, asked friends and read a lot of reviews in magazines about bars. I wanted to make sure that I made the right choice.

After a while I came across the Hoffman “Jump” bars on www.bmx-shop.co.uk for £29.99, I didn’t have much money to spend, and I had heard good things about these.

I purchased them and within two days they arrived, I put them on straight away and tired them out. They felt so much nicer than my old so called bars. I’ve been using these bars now for 8 months and they are still perfect, they have a few scratches from transportation but apart from that they’re fine. I think I could get another year out of them. And when they do run out I’ll definitely get them again.


100% 4130 cromo

7/8” grip tube

7” rise

1 degree up sweep

10 degree back sweep

2.1 lbs weight