Jimmy Eat World - Futures

I will admit to being a big fan of Jimmy Eat World and looking forward to this album so much that when I bought it (a week after the Reuben album,) that the Reuben album collected dust for a couple of weeks... This new offering from Jim Adkins and co. is more in the vein of clarity than Bleed American, although, releasing 'Pain' as the first single was a good choice as it is one of the rockiest songs on the album. The main problem with this album is that it won't be their best work to many of their fans. It isn't the beautiful album that Clarity is, and it isn't nearly as instantly appealing as Bleed American It falls somewhere in between, and in that, it falls somewhere short. However this is jimmy eat world and they have never released a bad album, and that trend doesn't end here. Tracks like 'work' and '23' show the Arizona boys on top form once again, but like Clarity, if you don't listen out for the greatness, you might be left unimpressed. Pay attention though, and you might learn something. 7.5/10