A film by Dan Cates and Mark Nicolson

Premiere 07/05/04

W ell,  another year and another Death video.  Brilliant.  I had to be there, so off I trotted, unable to make the premiere at Trinity due to a last minute lecture, all the way up to Sheffield to catch the second showing of the film up at The House Skatepark.  The House is a pretty darn annoying venue to hold a screening, due to the total lack of audible sound able to come through the speakers, but the crowd was good and there were many kids eagerly waiting to see this long awaited film.  Standing under a dripping pipe I finally got to see what I had come for, and it certainly was worth waiting for.  Dibble - you are a legend to the human race, although I have a feeling that your nakedness may scare the young ones..

I spoke to a few people after the film, and many said that it wasn't all that good, since overall there is not that much actual skate footage, however if you know the team, you will know that its not all about getting as many good tricks as possible to show off.  Its about having fun, and finding new and interesting places and things to skate.  This film shows that, giving commentary on the squad and showing what they are like.  Mark Nicolson's section is fantastic, with some beautiful skating to be seen, and I can honestly say that throughout, what you see is damn good.  I feel that this film is definitely worth a look, yet, to be honest its really aimed towards those that know them, or to people who are not just interested in seeing a whole lotta tech.  The Death Team are all about seeing how far they can push people.  I feel this sums up how far they can push the skate video industry quite well.  Good on them.  This is a top class film.

- The Team in Sheffield -

Photo: Loki